Mobi E Automatic Loading Ambulance Stretcher


Product Description

1.Automatic loading stretcher is easy to operate

2.Aluminum alloy stretcher can be locked
3.Can be used as ambulance stretcher

4. FDA, CE and ISO 9001 Certificate

5. Maximum load capacity: 350 Lbs



Detailed Product Description:

This ambulance stretcher can be converted into a chair; the angle of the ambulance stretcher can be adjusted according to your different setting requirements. This Ambulance stretcher is suitable to transfer the patients in a limited place, such as a lift in a hospital, elevator, narrow hallway, etc.
Our Ambulance stretcher is made of durable aluminum alloy materials. This Ambulance stretcher is characterized by its being made from anti-corrosion materials, safety and easy for sterilization and cleaning.  With the growing cost of specialized transportation and healthcare, this unit is most preferred for residential home care use and comes standard with a locking device easily installed in transporting vehicle.
Technical Features:
1) Product Size (L  x W  x H): High Position: 196 x 55 x 86cm
Low Position: 196x 55 x 25cm
2) Carton Size(1pc/carton): 198 x 64 x 26cm


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