MOBI LHT Patient Transport Trolley


1. Durable Hydraulic Pump System

2. FDA, CE and ISO Certified

3. X-ray translucent

4. Multipurpose bed used in surgery, imaging, patient treatment and transportation.

5. Multiple positions and settings for optimal patient comfort




● Size: 79*25.6*24.8 (low) – 36.6 (high)
● Material: galvanized steel tube and surface coated by electrostatic spray.
● The back board is X-ray translucent, with X-ray cassette.
● Reliable Hydraulic pump system.
● Foot pedal controls on both sides.
● Advanced centrally controlled brake system with 8in dustproof castors.
● The bed can be raised and lowered,tilted forward and backward.
● The bottom cover is made of PP material,with oxygen tank/cylinder holder.
● Collapsible side rails
● Retractable 5th wheel steering system
● 2 IV receptacles, Drainage hooks on either side
● Equipped with High Density Foam mattress

● Retractable Crank for Knee Brake and Leg Elevation

● Storage compartment


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