MOBI Pro Oversized Slider™


Oversized Slider Board

–  New 14 Grip Handle Design

–  Made from Durable HD PPE Polyethylene

–  23 5/8″ Width x 72″ Length – Made to fit Oversized Cots

– Smooth, Easy to Clean Surface

– Made Specially for Patient Transfer and Removal 


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Patient Transfers and Removals are much safer and efficient with the newly designed MOBI Pro Oversized Slider Board™

One of our newest additions to the Mobi Pro Series is made from Durable Polyethylene construction here in the US!  Our slider board offer an innovative design offering 14 grib handles to more easily transfer r remove from surface to surface.  These boards are durable, maintenance-free, easy to store and are lightweight.  The smooth board surface creates a non-friction environment, which makes it much easier to slide, clean and sanitize. Available in both Regular and Oversized.


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