MOBI PRO X-Frame EMS Stretcher


Mattress, Straps, & Locking System INCLUDED!!

–  Eight Height Adjustment Levels
–  Head End Can Be Folded Down for Limited Spaced Areas
–  Comes Fully Equipped w/ Mattress Pad, Straps, Locking Device
–  Specifically Made for EMS, Ambulance and Healthcare / Emergency Centers
–  550lb Weight Capacity



The Mobi Pro X-Frame Stretcher is designed to meet the demands of EMS professionals and healthcare professionals alike. The reliable, x-frame construction is designed for extra stability and safety for patient transport and inner facility transfer.  The various height adjustments allow for a universal functionality for patient transfer from one surface to another and accommodate various load height requirements.

Stretcher comes equipped with 4.5″ thick Convex Mattress Pad and securement straps and harness. The bed frame allows for adjustable head and leg height positions. and stretcher glides smoothly on wide rubber castors for ultimate patient comfort.

High Position: 78 X 22 X 44 Inches

Low Position: 78 X 22 X 11 Inches


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