MOBI LET Patient Transport Trolley


1. Durable LINAK Motor

2. FDA, CE and ISO Certified

3. Is X-ray translucent, with X-ray cassette

4. Backed By Our One Year Warranty




● Size: 79*31.5*26.7 (low) – 38.6 (high)
● Material: made of galvanized steel tube and surface coated by electrostatic spray.
The back board is made of X-ray revealed American electrotyped board with x-ray cassette. It is equipped a LINAK motor as rise-and-fall system.
● Advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and Φ 8in dust proof castors make the cart move steadily, reliably and lightly.
● The bed can be raised and lowered, tilted forward and backward which is controlled by the treadles lying on two sides of the bed.
● The bottom cover is made of ABS material and shaped by once injection that can be easily cleaned.
● The cart surface is a separate structure and the upper part is supported by US made large hydraulic pole to make the bed never sway.
● It is completed with infusion stand, drainage hook and collapsible aluminum alloy side rails
● Includes foam mattress PU material 2in thickness


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