Ambu® CPR Pal Manikin


The Ambu CPR Pal is a low-priced and simple but effective training manikin ideal for CPR training, which is also suitable for training of correct placement of AED pads.
Patented Hygienic system
Airway open only when hyper extended

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Ambu® CPR Pal Manikin

The Ambu® CPR Pal Manikin is a budget-minded partner in CPR that will train students better for improved CPR skill retention to help save more lives. Meets all of the American Heart Association’s recommended manikin guidelines. No internal cleaning necessary with Ambu’s patented hygienic system. Features audible indication of stomach inflation and open airway only when head tilt/chin lift or jaw thrust is correct. Includes two face pieces, 25 head bags, and carry case.
The Ambu CPR Pal is lightweight and can easy be stored or transported. The complete unit is delivered in a carrying bag where all necessary accessories can find a place.
Dimensions: 73 x 40 x 25 cm

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