MOBI Pro XL550 H-Frame Stretcher


  • Rigid Multi-Height H-Frame
  • Hardened Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Vehicle Locking Device, Mattress Pad and Straps Included
  • All-Terrain Castors w/ Brake
  • Single Operator Capatible
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.


Detailed Product Description:

The XL550 H-Frame one man operational stretcher is built with rigid, hardened aluminum alloy construction for increased weight loads and commercial use durability. The stretcher offers many functions that make it ideal for inner facility use, residential use, and for transportation.   All 4 castors can swivel, which helps navigating tight spaces, and can be switched over to rigid when navigating straight pathways.  A single operator can easily adjust the height of the stretcher on either end independently from the other, and can load into a vehicle. The head rest area can be adjusted, as well as elevating a patient’s legs.  The XL550 is equipped with a telescoping IV pole.  Top of this unit can be detached, and re-attached, which makes this unit ideal for emergency situations.


Capacity: 550lbs

Included: Patient Straps, Mattress Pad, Vehicle Locking Device


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