MOBI F500-T ™ High Loading Funeral -Mortuary Stretcher


Made Specific for High Loading Vehicles

*Black Pad Standard*

1.  One Man Automatic Loading Stretcher

2.  Multiple Height on Both Ends – 6 levels

3.  Wheel Locks & Durable Tie Straps

4.  Load Height 31.5 Inches

5. Capacity rating: 500 lbs

6. Backed By Our One Year Warranty



Detailed Product Description

Our MOBI F500-T™ is built with the rigidity industry professionals demand and is equipped to handle high loading vehicles.  Our MOBI brand mortuary stretchers are backed by our ONE YEAR manufacturers warranty.

The height can easily be adjusted at both ends and has additional elevation at the load end to accommodate 31.5 inches.  The stretcher is designed for Funeral and Body Removal first calls services and can be operated and used by one person when retreiving, loading, and transporting.


The MOBI F500-T™ stretcher is durable, light weight and built with high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials with a weight capacity up to 500 lbs, equipped standard with a black pad, durable buckle straps and wheel locks.

Technical Features:

Highest Position (L×W×H): 76″×22″×31.5″ (From Bottom of Load Wheels)

Lowest Position (L×W×H): 76″×22″×14″

Packing Size: (78″X25″X15″)

Gross Packing Weight: 92 lbs


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