Wrap Around Fire Blanket Kit JSA-1010


Kit consists of Fire Blanket (JSA-1010-B) Wool  Blend for maximum fire protection and sturdy 20 Ga. Steel Cabinet (JSA-1010-CW) ready for wall mounting. Cabinet is bright red enamel with white lettering. Viewing hole provided to see if blanket is in place.

The Wrap Around Fire Blanket Kit is designed so a person can insert either arm through the rope loop and, by rotating their body, completely wrap themselves in the fire blanket.

Blanket (JSA-1010-B) and Case (JSA-1010-CW) may be ordered separately. Kit should be wall mounted 6″ to 8″ from floor. Complete kit meets MIL-B-52309B.



DIMENSIONS: 70-1/2″ L X 5-1/4″ W X 5″ H; BLANKET: 62″ X 82″



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